Welcome Message from Magnus Still

CEO & Founder of StillArt

Welcome to the StillArt Redbox, our educational ecosystem. When you join the Redbox, you will access information valuable for the development of your organization. We are also excited that you will be a part of our community. My team and I very much hope the Redbox will benefit your organization and the arts community at large.

Looking forward to seeing you inside.

Upcoming Events

Join us online or live to learn how to fill every seat every week.

  • 29.10.2020, Buch-Präsentation, Berlin > Anmeldung: www.projektausverkauft.de

  • 29.-30.10.2020, Workshop, Berlin > Anmeldung: anmeldung@andreasrichter.berlin

  • 05.11.2020, Buch-Präsentation, Wien
 > Anmeldung: www.projektausverkauft.de

  • 5.11.2020, Kultursummit, Wien > Anmeldung: www.kultursummit.at

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